The Hillpark School uniform  is  available  from  NZ  Uniforms  at  28E Lambie Drive, Manukau. 
Children are required to wear the official school uniform.  If children are unable to wear the uniform, a note is required from parents.   


Boys’ School Uniform 

Summer:   Polo Shirt/Shorts, Black Sandals/Shoes 
Winter:  Polo Shirt/Fleecy or optional Shell Jacket/Shorts or Cargo Pants, Black  Shoes/Black/White Socks. No long sleeved or  visible thermals. 
Girls’ School Uniform 
Summer:  Polo Shirt/Skorts/Black Sandals or Shoes 
Winter:  Polo Shirt/Skorts/Fleecy or optional Shell Jacket/ Black Shoes/Black or White Socks. No long sleeved or visible  thermals. 

Children may wear a watch and stud earrings. Necklaces and pendants are not permitted for safety reasons.  If families consider the wearing of neckwear important for cultural 
or religious reasons, a letter to the Principal is required and certain conditions must be met.