Hillpark School is a unified community where students aspire, grow and achieve.  Children and learning are at its heart.  Learning experiences uphold the school values, key competencies and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  The staff works together as a team within a safe, professional environment where all ideas are respected.  Parents see a positive staff, showing honesty, integrity and enthusiasm in all they do.  Communication is open and effective while maintaining positive relationships.   
Teachers are encouraged to grow professionally in a well-resourced environment.  Their knowledge and skills are valued and shared to provide support and leadership opportunities.  
Children’s strengths and areas for improvement are clearly understood by whanau and informed by achievement data that is collected using a variety of techniques.  Assessment results are shared with students and goals are set together, giving students ownership of their learning.  Regular discussion ensures that assessment is clear and consistent across the school. 
A strong emphasis is placed on developing and strengthening the home and school partnership with a high level of involvement from the wider school community.  We work together in a whole school approach where trust is evident.   
Hillpark School is acknowledged by its diverse community as a place where learning is challenging, enjoyable and inclusive.  Success is shared and celebrated. Students and staff are enthusiastic about learning and a sense of fun is evident.