School Zone

A description of the home zone is described below: 
Home Zone: Starting at the intersection of Orams Road and Browns Road the zone travels east along Orams Road (both sides of Orams Road and all side roads), to run as far as the Southern  Motorway  It then travels across country down ARC Botanic Gardens to meet Tuakura Way. The boundary then travels south along Tuakura Way to meet Charles Prevost Drive. Travel east along Charles Prevost Drive to the Wairere  Road  roundabout.  Head  south  along  Wairere  Road  (both  sides  to  number  19  and  number  2 included) to meet Hill Road. The zone travels west down Hill Road (number 42-198 and 47-221a included) as far as Orford Park (Richard Halse Drive, Murray Field Lane, Nakhle Place, Steward Gibson Place, Pat O’Connor Place, Moyle Place, Menen Place, Norm Pellow Drive, Nanleen Rise, Goh Place, Index Place, Botanic  View, Whitbourne  Heights,  Hill  Crest  Grove,  Claude  Road  (up to  27  and  38)  Knights Drive  and Arthur  Road  included).  The  zone  then  runs  north-west  across  Orford  Park  to  meet  number  19  Walpole Avenue. Travel west to the intersection before turning north and travelling up scenic Drive to meet Grande Vue Road, Freshney Place is included. Turn west and go to the end of Grande Vue Road then from 92 Great South Road (included), head north along Great South Road back to the starting point. 

All residential addresses on included sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated. 
(A list of streets within our school zone is available from the school). 
Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.